Nitro Team Review

This is my review of the Nitro Team snowboard.

I have been a snowboarder for most of my life and have spent the last ten years working as a certified instructor by the Canadian system (CASI). I’ve used many different boards and have ridden on the Nitro Team many times. 

The Team is an awesome snowboard, all-around. This model has been nearly unchanged for years and offers versatility and quality performance in almost any situation. It can also work for any ability level, making it a good option for riders to have in their quiver. 

In the sections below, I’ll show you an in-depth look at this board while providing you with important information you need to know about regarding its construction, performance, and value. 

Let’s get things started. 

Nitro Team Overview

The Nitro Team is one of those snowboards that flat-out gives you solid performance nearly everywhere. It’s been a rider favorite for years, and the latest model continues with that same tradition of excellence without being overdone or overbuilt. 

I think the Team represents a classic snowboard design that will never go out of style. This board is fun and capable, and if you are looking for an all-around good choice, this is a recommended model to add to your quiver.

It’s an all-mountain snowboard at heart, making it capable in a wide range of situations from powder to the park. The differenced between the Team and other models in the category is that you won’t notice any sacrifices in performance along the way. 

I like the simple design of this board. It features many of the same elements that you would have seen 25 years ago on the slopes, which again results in a classic performance. This means that it is playful and responsive. 

It has a stiffer flex, making it a good option for experienced riders who want to take on every inch of the mountain. This all-terrain type of flex increases its all-mountain performance while also making it comfortable in technical terrain. 

It also has a directional twin shape that gives you the ability to hang out in the park and work on perfecting new tricks and maneuvers. And even though it’s on the stiff side, this thing can still play with the best of them in the halfpipe or any other feature you want to hit. 

The Team is also one of those rare boards that I think is effective for all ability levels. It might be a bit much for complete newbies, but it can work for anyone other than that. The board will give you above-average performance no matter where you want to take it.

It is simple in design and construction, which might make it appear subpar if you are attracted to the glitz and glamour of the latest snowboard tech. But the Team is a fantastic snowboard that is well worth using, and I highly recommend it. 

The Team is also an excellent value. It’s not a budget board, but it comes with a low enough price tag that is affordable for the average rider. It will give you extended range and performance without breaking the bank. 

Detailed Review

The Nitro Team is a solid snowboard any way you want to look at it. It pays tribute to classic snowboard shapes of the past and delivers quality and versatility in nearly every situation. Tried and true, this is a sweet ride. 


The Team has well-rounded performance characteristics that any snowboarder can appreciate. It makes for an effective all-mountain option to get you through anything and everything that comes your way. 

I’ve heard many older riders say that this board feels like something they strapped into decades ago. And that’s not a negative thing; they always say it with a smile on their faces because it has the feel of a classic board. This means that it is extremely fun to ride. 

It comes with an all-terrain flex pattern that gives you versatile performance across the mountain. You can expect plenty of pop if you are an aggressive rider with a steady and smooth response when you want to dial things back. 

A directional twin shape gives you the ability to take on steeper and more technical terrain while still having plenty of fun in the terrain park or other freestyle situations. It can charge hard in one direction or ride switch effectively. 

If I had to choose a weak area of performance, the Team isn’t the fastest board around. If you like to turn the throttle up to full blast, you might be left a little disappointed. The board doesn’t chatter at really high speeds, it just struggles to reach those speeds in the first place. 

That’s only a single downside on a do-it-all tool that will have your back whenever you need it. This is a top option for the resort, and riders of all abilities can find something to appreciate when the Team is strapped on and headed downhill.  


With a solid but simple construction that doesn’t feature many changes over the last few years, this snowboard is ready for action without being overbuilt. It may not represent the latest tech or innovation, but there’s no need to tweak something if it already works well. 

The team comes with a true camber profile that again gives it a classic performance and feel. You’ll get plenty of pop and power from this and can dig into turns for effective edge control and response. 

It also comes with a dual degressive sidecut that limits the length of the radius in the middle of the board. This makes for a forgiving and playful ride without compromising much, if any, higher-end performance. 

A Powerlite core is made of lightweight Poplar wood to give you a solid foundation that is responsive and strong. The lighter weight helps the board remain playful, while the strength enhances its versatile performance characteristics. 

It also has a reflex core profile that is a sweet design feature that changes up the thickness of the core across its length. It is thinner between your feet, which allows for increased turning ability that is noticeable whether you are riding hard or simply having fun on the slopes. 

The construction of the board isn’t fancy, and it doesn’t need to be. The Team is nearly the same this year as it was five years ago. It’s a proven design that doesn’t need much refinement. 

Additional Features

A more simple construction also means that there aren’t many additional features to mention here. Still, a few things add to the already quality performance and solid versatility of the board. 

A sintered speed formula HD base is a new feature on the latest model of the Team. The base has an effective blend of plastics to increase speed and durability. The result is a board that is easy to maintain because it holds wax well while improving max speeds. 

Bi-Lite laminates are another unique construction element and extra feature that help the board perform well all over the mountain. These help increase the power and response to meet the needs of more experienced riders.  


I think the Nitro Team is an excellent value because of its versatile and effective performance all over the mountain. It has a lower price tag than many of the top all-mountain boards and has better versatility regarding who can ride it. 

Any rider who is looking for a fun yet capable board will find value here. The team is hard to beat if you want an all-mountain model that pays homage to classic snowboards. It’s also a good value for riders looking to progress because it can grow with you. 

For all the great things this one has to offer, it doesn’t specialize in any particular style. If you are a dedicated freerider or park rat, you might be better off with a model that gives you a bit of extra focus. 

I recommend the Team to just about any rider who wants the versatility to explore the mountain and classic performance you can count on. It’s a fun board to ride at an affordable price, and I think it’s a great value overall. 

The Alternatives

If the Nitro Team doesn’t seem up your alley, or you just want to take a look at what else is out there, check out these recommended options.

1. Lib Tech Skate Banana

The Skate Banana is another one of my favorite all-mountain snowboards. This model is a little more progressive than the classic nature of the Nitro Team but will still give you a tremendous amount of versatility and control. 

It comes with a hybrid banana rocker/camber that gives you an incredible blend of power and play and also has Magne-Traction edges to provide you with serious edge hold even when the conditions are less than ideal. 

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2. Ride Warpig

If you want a little extra advanced level performance but don’t want to compromise all-mountain effectiveness, check out the Ride Warpig. This model has an innovative shape with a blunted tip and tail. 

It’s an aggressive board suitable for intermediate and advanced riders who want to do everything big and bold. A tapered bi-radial sidecut provides extra stability when you are turning or landing a massive air. 

3. Burton Feelgood

The Feelgood is a solid women’s specific all-mountain snowboard. It comes with a directional shape that lets you charge hard in technical lines or sit back and enjoy the ride when the powder starts to pile up. 

Key features of this model included a Dualzone EGD wood grain that helps increase edge-hold and response and a Super Fly II core that is lightweight but strong. 

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My Verdict

The Nitro Team is a classic all-mountain board that will deliver anywhere on the mountain. It’s an excellent option for riders who want to have fun without sacrificing power and is also a serious value with an affordable price and well-rounded performance characteristics.

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