Is Rebounding Good Exercise for Skiers and Snowboarders?

Lucia Tam

Rebounding is an excellent exercise for all ages and it’s getting more popular these days. Rebound therapy is used for people with a wide range of needs.

Is it also good for skiers and snowboarders? How can we benefit from this exercise especially during the non-snow season?

Today, I’m honored to have the opportunity to interview a rebound professional Lucia Tam, who is a rebound fitness instructor, Stott Mat Pilates instructor, and personal trainer.

She founded Bounce Limit, Asia’s first trampoline fitness studio located in the Skyscraper City – Hong Kong.

Q1: Glad to have you here Lucia. First question: can you briefly introduce what Bounce Limit is?

Lucia: Sure. Bounce Limit is Asia’s first trampoline fitness studio, set in a 3000 square foot space in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, with 20 individual mini-trampolines, or “rebounders”.

The studio offers 10+ different functional and bodyweight fitness classes on rebounders, including Air Bounce, TRX Bounce, Combat Bounce, Tabata Bounce, Bounce Pilates, and more, ensuring the body gets the best fitness results from a varied workout.

Q2: Why did you choose to start Bounce Limit here in Hong Kong?

Lucia: We are the first in Asia to start rebounding and the rebounders in the platform concept. Hong Kong was the new hip city to educate people about preventing injuries and having a blast in a sweating fun class setting.

Q3: What are the benefits of rebounding?

Lucia: Rebounding is a safe and efficient exercise for everybody, from kids to the elderly, it’s especially great for office workers coz with rebounding you can strengthen weaker muscles and rehabilitate injuries caused by long working hours or weekend warriors’ experience.

Other than these advantages, with proper training classes, rebounding can also:

  • Improve your immune system by stimulating your circulation of lymphatic fluid.
  • Strengthening and cleaning your body cells by providing cellular exercise
  • Help you to gain a better understanding of your bodies
  • Improve both your physical and mental wellness so you can enjoy a better life quality

Q4: Sounds good. What do we need to prepare for rebounding?

Lucia: Here at Bounce Limit, all you need is grippy Sox and workout clothes.

Q5: Do you have any skiing/snowboarding experience before? How can we snowboarders benefit from rebounding?

Lucia: Yes, I’ve skied for 20 years on and off. Skier and snowboarders can benefit from rebounding by improving balance and core work on an uneven surface. Rebounding also helps increase the cardiovascular system to adapt to cardio and high altitude atmosphere.

Q6: What if we’ve suffered from ski accidents before for example, ACL, shoulders…, can we still go for rebounding?

Lucia: if the injury consists of surgery. A recovery time after physio and then combine rebounding after doctor clearance to maintain and increase strength in the injured muscles.

Q7: What’s the biggest advantage of going for rebounding classes instead of just doing it at home?

Lucia: Our classes consist of popular tunes, instructors doing and motivating you at the same time with proper technique identified. At home, you will not push yourself and it can be quite mundane.

Lorraine: That makes sense. That’s all my questions. Thank you very much for taking the time to join this virtual interview. I wish your rebounding business a great success.

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Final Words from Lorraine

The reason why I decided to do an interview with Lucia was that one of my friends got his ACL injured (broken knee), rebounding was one of the recovery exercises he highly recommended. Coz the trampoline had absorbed a large proportion of stress on the ankles and knees during his workout.

He is now back to the slope and snowboarding at 60+ km per hour with a nice six-pack. I started doing rebounding 4 months ago and found this a very fun exercise to prepare for the winter.

So, my dear snowboarding readers, I hope you enjoyed this interview and have learned something from our rebounding, dancing, and skiing expert Lucia Tam.

Below is the contact info about Bounce Limit.

  • T: +(852) 2441-0021
  • E:
  • A: The Pemberton, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • W:
  • Y:
  • FB: BounceLimitinHK
  • IG: bouncelimit
  • TW: Bouncelimit
  • #bouncewithus

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