Can You Rent Goggles for Snowboarding?

It is possible to rent goggles for snowboarding, but they are not always available at every resort. 

If you don’t have goggles and have a snowboarding trip coming up, your best option is to buy a pair so you can see clearly while you ride. 

I’ve been snowboarding for decades and am familiar with all the equipment you need to ride safely and effectively. I’ve also rented gear many times over the years and know if renting goggles is an option

In this post, I’ll talk about renting goggles for snowboarding. I’ll tell you why this isn’t very common and highlight why you should have your own goggles if you are serious about riding. 

Let’s get after it. 

Renting Goggles for Snowboarding

You can rent goggles for snowboarding from some resorts or rental shops. But you need to keep in mind that not every location you visit to go riding will offer them. So it’s important to get your own set of goggles if you plan on riding often. 

The best way to know if the location you are visiting offers rental goggles is to call them ahead of your trip. You can also check online, but I think it’s better to talk to someone at the rental shop because online information might be outdated. 

If the location does offer rentals, they are typically very affordable. You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $20 dollars to rent goggles for the day. So it’s a good option if you don’t have your own or if you lose or break the goggles you have. 

But keep in mind that those rental costs can add up quickly. If you are going on a five-day snowboarding trip, the costs to rent increase from $25 to $100. You can easily buy a brand new pair of goggles for this amount. 

Goggles are not a regular piece of rental equipment, so not every shop or resort offers them. Getting your own set of goggles is crucial because you’ll be able to know that you can see clearly when you’re riding. 

The Importance of Goggles

Regardless of whether you rent or buy, goggles are essential for your snowboarding setup. They allow you to see all the obstacles and terrain coming your way as you zip down the slopes. 

Goggles also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and the wind and cold. You can wear sunglasses when riding, but they won’t give you the same protection from the elements and can fall off your head if you take a bad fall. 

A good pair of goggles can last for years of regular use, so they are a good investment for every snowboarder. A nice pair can cost several hundred dollars, but they might last you for five years or more – making them a better value than renting every time you ride. 


Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions relating to renting goggles for snowboarding. 

Should I get goggles for snowboarding? 

Yes, you should get goggles for snowboarding. While it is possible to wear sunglasses, there are many benefits to wearing goggles instead. Goggles will give you protection from harmful UV rays while also helping you see clearly in variable light conditions. 

How much should snowboard goggles cost? 

Snowboard goggles can range from about $30 to $300, depending on what kind of goggles you get. The cheapest options won’t give you many additional features or be very durable. More expensive options will provide you with stand-out performance for years. 

What kind of goggles do you need for snowboarding? 

You need to use snow goggles for snowboarding. This includes snowboard goggles or ski goggles. There isn’t much of a difference between these two types of goggles other than marketing. 


You can rent goggles for snowboarding at some resorts or rental shops. But not every location will offer them. If you plan on riding often, it’s better to get your own set of goggles rather than trying to rent. 

If you want to rent, always call the location you are visiting ahead of time to make sure that is even an option. 

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