Rossignol One LF Review

This is my review of the Rossignol One LF snowboard. 

I have been snowboarding for decades and currently work as a certified instructor in the Canadian system CASI. I’ve used many different boards over the years, and I know how to judge their performance and value through plenty of first-hand experiences. 

The Rossignol One LF is an affordable all-mountain snowboard that has many practical applications on the mountain. It doesn’t offer extremely high-end performance to meet the needs of expert riders, but its well-rounded capabilities and low price make it a solid choice. 

I’ll provide you with an in-depth review of this board in this post to give you a good sense of how it performs on the mountain and if it’s a good match for your preferences and needs. 

Let’s get after it. 

Rossignol One LF Overview

The Rossignol One LF is one of the most versatile snowboards that the brand makes. Rossignol is a well-known ski manufacturer, but they have developed a respectable snowboard line over the last decade, and the One LF represents a lot of that hard work and innovation. 

This board is best suited for beginner and intermediate riders who want a capable option that can provide them with reliable performance in a range of different conditions. It can easily work as a one-quiver option if you are looking to buy your first setup. 

I don’t like the One LF in really technical or demanding situations. I know other riders who think this model can hang with other top-shelf models, but my experience says otherwise. It’s capable, sure, but it’s not as powerful as alike a board to be. 

Still, this is a model that can work for many different riders, and its versatility and practical use are hard to deny. You’ll have a capable plank strapped to your feet regardless of if you want to bomb the park or shred steep terrain. 

The One LF has a relatively stiff flex for a beginner/intermediate option that makes it unique. Even though it has the stiffness to deliver substantial power and control at high speeds, it remains playful and smooth. 

The playful nature of the board is made possible by the combination of an AmpTek rocker profile alongside a RadCut shape. I’ll explain both of these features more in-depth below, but the versatility this offers is impressive, and I can see why so many riders like it. 

You also get a very solid construction that utilizes high-quality materials to deliver reliable performance and lasting durability. Aramid laminates add serious amounts of strength and help to reduce vibrations and chatter to an impressive degree. 

The One LF also makes for a great value because it has a lower price tag than boards of similar capabilities. That’s one nice thing about going with a more well-known brand name, and it also comes with a one-year warranty if any issues arise. 

This isn’t the board I would choose for myself, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. I don’t recommend it to expert-level riders, but I think it could be a very effective option for anyone else. 

Detailed Review

The Rossignol One LF is a popular all-mountain option because of its versatile capabilities in the snow and affordable price. In my eyes, it’s not a contender for the best in the category, but it is still a quality snowboard. 


This is a true all-mountain board that has the versatility to give you a one-board option you can use all season long. If you are looking for an affordable do-it-all type of board, the One LF is up there with the best of them. 

The board hits a pretty special performance spot by providing a unique blend of power and playfulness. Usually, you will trade one of these characteristics for the other, but Rossignol did a fantastic job of letting them both shine here. 

A medium-stiff flex gives the board its power in the snow. This comes to light when you are ripping down a freeride line or want to take that steep run to reach warp speed. The board will give you stability and effective control through it all. 

When it’s time to play, you’ll notice the pop and laid-back response that an AmpTek all-mountain rocker provides. This keeps the tip and tail up off the snow to let you catch airs and hit features in the park without worry. 

I don’t think the One LF has suburb freeride capabilities. It can get you by if you are an intermediate rider and just starting to explore pushing your limits, but there are better options if you are looking for knife-edge precision when things get challenging.

The board does deliver a well-rounded experience, despite my gripes about it falling a little short on the technical end of freeride terrain. It’s easy to ride yet still powerful enough to help push your abilities to the next level.  


The One LF has a high-quality construction that utilizes innovative tech and design to deliver its versatile characteristics. This is easily the best all-mountain option that Rossignol offers, and its construction has a lot to do with that. 

The board has a directional twin shape that gives you excellent all-mountain performance. You can rip with your natural foot forward and then quickly flip switch when you want to challenge yourself or visit the park. 

An AmpTek all-mountain rocker profile also enhances versatility. This profile gives you stiff sections of camber underfoot to help generate power and keep everything stable. Extra rocker in the tip and tail allows you to play around with ease. 

A RadCut shape is another excellent construction element that uses several reverse sidecuts towards the end of the board to give you changes in performance on the fly. At higher speeds, you’ll have more edge in the snow. When you want to lay back, you’ll get less cut. 

The One LF also comes with L.I.T.E. frame technology built into the laminate layers. This feature utilizes a length of solid urethane that goes along the entire circumference of the board to increase shock absorption and stability. 

It also comes with a sintered base that is super durable, fast, and easy to maintain. There’s nothing too special about the base, but it is highly effective and can take a beating without getting beat up.  

Additional Features

There are a few excellent additional features built into the One LF as well. Rossignol has put a lot of effort into researching and developing its snowboard line over the years, and this model represents the best of that. 

5S Serrated Edge Technology gives the board amazing grip in the snow and control in all situations. This feature uses five small areas of edge contact to create a truly superior hold in less-than-ideal conditions. This is part of its powerful yet playful personality. 

The sidewalls are built out of ABS plastic to give you added durability and protection. This helps keep the entire board in good shape and prevents de-laminating caused by moisture entering the inner layers and core.

The One LF also has an Aramid laminate, which adds a considerable amount of stabilization by reducing vibrations and increasing strength. This lightweight but very strong material has practical applications in everything from bulletproof vests to space shuttles.   


My highest marks for the One LF come with its value in mind. This is a very affordable all-mountain snowboard. It’s not quite a budget option, but it will cost you considerably less than the other top options in the category. 

This board is an excellent value for any beginner or intermediate rider who wants versatile riding characteristics that allow them to explore the entire mountain. It’s a good option for progression and displays a well-rounded performance that is easy to appreciate.  

It’s not as good of a value for expert-level riders who want top-of-the-line performance. While the One LF is more than capable, it’s not quite a dominator, which I know some of my fellow shredders are always looking for. 

An affordable price with plenty of innovative technology coupled with solid construction is hard to deny. This is a high-quality option that can work for many different ability levels and styles of riders. 

The Alternatives

Here are some recommended alternative options to the Rossignol One LF. All of the models you see below are high-quality and ready for action. 

1. Never Summer Ripsaw

The Ripsaw is another solid all-mountain option that has a more aggressive nature than the One LF. This is a better choice for experienced riders because it can be pushed a bit harder in challenging conditions while still offering plenty of versatility. 

It has a rocker/camber hybrid profile that gives you plenty of power in steep terrain or at high speeds. It also has a directional twin shape that can hold its own in the terrain park. 

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2. Burton Custom Flying V

For an all-mountain board with even more technical innovation, check out the Custom Flying V. This is a fun board to ride that will have your back no matter where you want to roam. It responds like a racecar while giving you plenty of power when needed. 

This is another option that is good for intermediate riders.  Even though it’s a lot more expensive than the One LF, it still makes for a solid value because of its reliable durability and all-around performance. 

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3. Jones Mountain Twin

The Jones Mountain Twin is probably my favorite all-mountain board currently. This model can rip up the mountain and has a fun but powerful ride that works well for experienced riders who demand perfection.

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My Verdict

The Rossignol One LF is a quality all-mountain board that earns high marks for its versatility and affordable price. It falls short of providing high-end technical performance but is recommended for beginner and intermediate riders who like to explore.

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