5 Best Places to Snowboard in Tennessee

The southeastern part of the US isn’t as well known of a winter sports destination as other areas of the country, but there are still plenty of good places to snowboard if you know where to look. The central part of the state gets decent snowfall and can be a lot of fun. 

I’ve been snowboarding for decades, and I take every opportunity to get out in the snow and play. I also love to travel and have been to Tennessee on several occasions. 

This post will spotlight all of the best places to snowboard in and around Tennessee. I’ll give you a quick background on these resorts and provide you with some other helpful information to give you an idea of what a visit here would be like. 

Let’s get after it. 

1. Ober Gatlinburg

  • Official Website: https://obergatlinburg.com/
  • Opening Date: December 10 (Average)
  • Closing Date: March 15 (Average)
  • Best Known For: Only resort in Tennessee, plenty of amenities

The best place to snowboard in Tennessee is Ober Gatlinburg. Technically, this is the only resort in the state, and that’s why it’s on top of this list. There are other places to ride in the region, but this is the only one within Tennessee’s borders. 

Ober Gatlinburg is very family-friendly, making it a top destination to bring the whole gang if you want to get away during the wintertime. There are enough runs and amenities to keep everyone satisfied, no matter their ability level or preferences. 

You can expect good snow conditions at most times of the season, thanks to an extensive snowmaking plan that keeps fresh flakes on the ground even when mother nature is not fully cooperating. 

While you can’t stay right at the resort, there are many different options for lodging and dining in the nearby towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. These places can get crowded around spring break, so make sure to book ahead of time. 

2. Wolf Ridge, North Carolina

  • Official Website: https://skiwolfridgenc.com/
  • Opening Date: December 15 (Average)
  • Closing Date: March 10 (Average)
  • Best Known For: Good vertical drop, year-round fun 

Wolf Ridge resort is nearby Tennessee and is found just over the border in North Carolina. This is another solid spot to go snowboarding and offers a lot of good winter activities when the days are colder and the snow is falling. 

The atmosphere at Wolf Ridge is always inviting, making it another very family-friendly location. Whether you want to come for a day trip or make a vacation out of it, there is something for everyone when you visit here. 

The vertical drop is another fantastic feature of this location. It has 700 feet of drop, which isn’t a ton by western standards, but it is a lot for the region. If you are a more advanced rider who wants to let loose, this gives you the room to do so. 

The accommodations at Wolf Ridge are pretty solid, and you can expect comfortable and cozy rooms at the lodge right at the resort. There are also several on-snow dining options to keep you fueled up for a long day out in the snow. 

3. Cataloochee, North Carolina

  • Official Website: https://cataloochee.com/
  • Opening Date: November 15 (Average)
  • Closing Date: March 21 (Average)
  • Best Known For: Beginner-friendly terrain, affordable prices

Cataloochee is another good snowboarding resort near Tennessee. It’s also located in North Carolina, but depending on where you live in Tennessee, you can get here in a matter of hours to make it a realistic day trip. 

This is an excellent spot for beginners and has a lot of mild terrain where you can learn the basics. There is also an outstanding snowboard lesson program with top-notch instructors providing hands-on instruction to individuals and groups. 

Another great aspect of Catalooche is that it’s really affordable. This is a solid option to explore if you want to have a fun snowboarding trip without breaking the bank. There are plenty of group rate discounts available if you can talk your friends into coming along. 

There are also many rentals and lessons available right at the resort, all of which are also very affordable. But you also might to rent equipment in the nearby towns, since the resort does have limited equipment available with a small shop. 

4. Beech Mountain, North Carolina

  • Official Website: https://www.beechmountainresort.com/
  • Opening Date: November 25 (Average)
  • Closing Date: March 21 (Average) 
  • Best Known For: Great snowboard school, lots of activities available 

Beech Mountain is one of the top resorts in North Carolina, which also makes it one of the best locations to consider around Tennessee. This is a full-fledged resort with a good reputation for having quality amenities and good snow all season long. 

Beginner and intermediate riders can take advantage of the high-quality lesson programs to learn new skills or just perfect the basics. You can schedule an individual lesson or book one with a group if you want to save a bit of money. 

The snow conditions are reliable here because the resort does a solid job of complementing natural snow with man-made snow. There is also a solid vertical drop of over 800 feet to provide more technical terrain for experienced riders. 

For on-snow dining, you’ll want to check out one of the four restaurants that are available right on the mountain. There is a variety of food to choose from to satisfy cravings after a busy day in the snow. But there isn’t much lodging nearby if you want to stay overnight.

5. Sugar Mountain, North Carolina

  • Official Website: http://www.skisugar.com/
  • Opening Date: November 15 (Average)
  • Closing Date: March 22 (Average)
  • Best Known For: Affordable tickets, close to Tennessee

Sugar Mountain is another option close to Tennessee that makes a good day trip or overnight destination for snowboarders. It’s located right across the North Carolina border, so it isn’t too crazy of a drive to get to. 

Sugar Mountain is popular with snowboarders in the region because it has an excellent snowmaking system that keeps conditions on the mountain solid all season long, even if there isn’t much natural snow in the forecast. 

There is also a fun terrain park here, making it a good option for freestyle riders who want to work on their tricks or anyone else who wants to try and learn these skills. A variety of runs meet the needs of riders of different ability levels as well. 

It’s not a huge resort, so it can get crowded, especially after a big storm. You’ll want to plan accordingly for traffic and long lift lines. Come on a weekday if you want to avoid some of the rush. 

Final Thoughts

Even though Tennessee only has one official resort, there are still plenty of places to go snowboarding relatively nearby. All the options listed here are worth checking out if you live in the state or visit during the winter months. 

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