6 Best Places to Snowboard in Washington

Washington has some solid places to snowboard, and the mountains in the central part of the state get plenty of snow every season. Whether you live in the area or want to visit, you can find some excellent resorts to enjoy. 

I’ve been snowboarding for decades and have had the opportunity to visit many top locations all over the country. I’ve been riding in Washington numerous times and know through first-hand experience where the top spots are. 

This post will highlight all of the best places to snowboard in Washington. I’ll give you a bit of information on each destination, such as what it is best known for and where you might be able to find lodging and dining nearby. 

Let’s jump in. 

1. Crystal Mountain

  •     Official Website: https://www.crystalmountainresort.com/
  •     Opening Date: November 25 (Average)
  •     Closing Date: April 20 (Average) 
  •     Best Known For: Largest resort in Washington, terrain for all abilities

Crystal Mountain is one of the best places to snowboard in Washington. It’s also the largest resort in the state, with over 2,600 rideable acres. That gives you plenty of room to roam around and avoid the crowds while bombing through your favorite conditions. 

In addition to excellent snow conditions throughout the winter, it’s also a gorgeous location with stunning views of Mt. Rainier. There is also a lot of diverse terrains, so you can find just about anything you want to ride, whether you are a beginner or have been riding for years. 

There are a few cabins to stay in near the resort, but you’ll want to book them ahead of time to reserve your spot. The resort can get busy, especially on weekends or holidays, being somewhat close to Seattle. But you can avoid this if you plan ahead and visit on a weekday.  

2. The Summit at Snoqualmie

  •     Official Website: https://summitatsnoqualmie.com/
  •     Opening Date: December 15 (Average)
  •     Closing Date: April 29 (Average)
  •     Best Known For: Close to Seattle, steep terrain

Another fantastic snowboarding spot in Washington is the Summit at Snoqualmie. This is one of the closest resorts to Seattle, so it makes for a good day trip if you live in the city or want to visit. It also has some epic terrain and conditions to take advantage of.

With over 2,000 acres of rideable terrain, you also have a lot of room to explore when you visit. Advanced riders will appreciate the steep runs, while there are plenty of groomers for beginners and intermediates. The terrain parks are also pretty solid. 

Lodging is easily accessible at Snoqualmie, with a nice lodge right at the base of the mountain. There are also several on-slope dining options if you get hungry after a long day on the slopes. Being close to Seattle, this is another spot that can get pretty crowded. 

3. Mt. Baker 

  •     Official Website: https://www.mtbaker.us/
  •     Opening Date: December 1 (Average)
  •     Closing Date: April 20 (Average) 
  •     Best Known For: Impressive snowfall totals, long extended season

If you want to take advantage of some of the best snow Washinton has to offer, Mt. Baker is worth checking out. This resort gets the most snow of any location in the state, with an average annual snowfall of over 600 inches. That’s an impressive amount! 

This snowfall is impressive and makes for epic riding conditions all season long. It also makes for an extended season that averages around 150 days. So if other areas in Washinton are running low, Mt. Baker is always a good bet. 

This spot isn’t near Seattle, so it takes some driving or a plane ride into Bellingham to reach. But if you’re up for putting in a little effort, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a solid experienced. Bellingham also has plenty of lodging and dining options. 

4. White Pass

  •     Official Website: https://skiwhitepass.com/
  •     Opening Date: December 5 (Average)
  •     Closing Date: April 28 (Average) 
  •     Best Known For: Epic winter carnival, very family-friendly

White Pass is a family-friendly resort in Washington with some type of terrain for everyone and an inviting atmosphere. It also has plenty of runs to explore, with over 1,500 acres of ridable terrain. There are runs for every ability level and plenty of room to spread out.   

The winter carnival that takes place here is pretty much legendary, and if you can visit White Pass in February, you are in for a treat. There are plenty of snowshoe trails and other winter activities if you’re not a snowboarder. 

This is another resort that can get a little crowded, but it’s not as bad as some of the other areas right on Mt. Rainier. Still, you’ll want to make any reservations for accommodations well ahead of time to ensure you get a spot to stay. 

5. Stevens Pass 

  •     Official Website: https://www.stevenspass.com/
  •     Opening Date: December 15 (Average)
  •     Closing Date: April 10 (Average) 
  •     Best Known For: Excellent snowfall totals, lots of on-slope dining

Another top-notch place to snowboard in Washington is Stevens Pass. This is another area that gets plenty of snow, with annual averages of well over 450 inches. That makes it a good place to go chase powder after a fresh storm, and you can expect soft conditions.  

Stevens Pass is also pretty close to Seattle and is about an hour and a half from the city. This keeps the crowds down a bit while still making it easily accessible. It can still get crowded, but it’s generally less than the closer resorts to the city. 

Another perk of this location is the many dining options you can enjoy right on the mountain. If you like to work up an appetite when you ride, you are going to be pleased. There is also night skiing here to extend your day if you want to ride after dark. 

6. Mission Ridge

  •     Official Website: https://www.missionridge.com/
  •     Opening Date: November 25 (Average)
  •     Closing Date: April 20 (Average)
  •     Best Known For: Lots of terrain, night skiing

Mission Ridge is a lesser-known snowboarding destination in Washington, but it’s still well worth exploring. The resort boasts over 2,000 acres of rideable terrain, making it one of the region’s larger ski and snowboard resorts. 

It’s also a little less crowded than other resorts near Seattle. This makes for a mellow and inviting atmosphere that is pretty easy to get used to. The crowds stay away while you take advantage of excellent terrain and snow conditions. 

The Hampton Lodge at the base of the mountain has a lot of great food to keep you filled up, and it’s pretty affordable for ski resort food. Mission Ridge doesn’t have high-speed lifts across the entire mountain yet, but it’s working ever closer to that.   


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to snowboarding in Washington. 

Does Washington have good snowboarding?

Washington does have good snowboarding opportunities. There are a number of excellent resorts, and the state’s mountains get plenty of snow in the winter months. Conditions can range from good to epic. 

Is Seattle good for snowboarding?

Seattle is a wonderful city to live in if you like to snowboard. There are a handful of resorts within a relatively short drive from the metropolitan area and a lot of options in terms of where to live. A lot of good snowboard companies are based in Seattle. 

Can you snowboard in Washington year round?

It is possible to snowboard in Washington year round. There are several glaciers in the state where the snow never fully melts. The conditions aren’t always excellent in the summer, but you can still get in a few turns. 

Can you snowboard Mt Rainier?

Yes, you can snowboard at Mt. Rainier. There are several resorts on the mountain, giving you plenty of opportunities to get out there and explore. You can also find some backcountry terrain if you don’t want to pay for a lift ticket. 

Final Thoughts

Washington is a great place for snowboarding, and there are plenty of resorts to explore to take advantage of the epic conditions you can find here. All of the locations mentioned on this list are worth checking out if you visit the state. 

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