What is a Snowboard Stomp Pad?

A snowboard stomp pad is a piece of material that sticks to your board and helps you stay in control when getting off and on the chairlift. You don’t absolutely need a stomp pad, but nearly every rider uses one. 

My name is Lorraine, I’m an avid snowboarder who has been hitting the mountains for decades. I almost always use a stomp pad on my boards, and I know how useful they can be.

This post will explain what a stomp pad is and whether or not you need it. I’ll tell you what these pads are for and the benefit of using one. 

Let’s get to it.

What is a Stomp Pad? 

A stomp pad is a piece of material that sticks to your board. The pad gives your boot a place to grip when it is not strapped into your bindings. Most snowboarders use these to keep their board in control when getting on and off the chairlift. 

Stomp pads come in many styles, but they all serve the same purpose. Some riders like a smaller stomp pad that only takes up minimal space on their board, while others like a large one that gives you plenty of grip anytime you need it. 

When you get a brand new snowboard, it usually doesn’t have a stomp pad installed. You’ll need to purchase this separately and apply it to your board. Luckily, it’s really easy to do and is basically like putting a sticker on something. 

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It can be difficult to control your board when you have one foot unstrapped. But you need to take your foot out to get on and off the chairlift. Stomp pads help deal with this issue by giving you more control than trying to put your foot on top of your board. 

You can also change out your stomp pad for another one if you want or need to. Stomp pads can wear down after heavy use and start to lose their grip. So changing them is essential every once in a while. 

Do You Need a Stomp Pad? 

You don’t technically need a stomp pad. But nearly every snowboarder still uses one

It is possible to get on and off the chair lifts without a stomp pad, but your foot will be more likely to slip off of your board without one. 

I recommend that every snowboarder use a stomp pad. They are easy to install and inexpensive, so there isn’t much reason not to use one. Some riders don’t like them because they add weight, but they only weigh a few ounces. 

If you are a beginner, a stomp pad is very important. You might struggle to get on and off the lift safely without one. If you are a more experienced rider, you can probably get away with not using one, but there is not a good reason for not having one.  


Here are a few short answers to some of the most common questions relating to snowboard stomp pads. 

Are stomp pads only for beginners? 

No, stomp pads are used by all ability levels of riders. Beginners might benefit a bit more from having one, but they provide every rider who uses one better grip and traction when one foot is not strapped into bindings. 

Can you take a stomp pad off a snowboard? 

Yes, you can take a stomp pad off a snowboard. You might need to use a scraping tool like a drywall knife or other flat item to pry it off the board. You’ll also need to clean up any leftover adhesive off the board before putting a new pad on. 

Do pros use stomp pads? 

Not every pro snowboarder uses a stomp pad, but there are plenty that do. Highly experienced riders don’t always need the added traction that a stomp pad can give you, but many of them still like to use them for convenience. 


A stomp pad is a small adhesive piece of material that sticks to your board to give you extra grip when one of your boots is unstrapped from the bindings. You can technically ride without a stomp pad, but nearly everyone still uses them because they are so convenient. 

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