What to Wear Under Snowboard Pants

You can wear whatever you want under snowboard pants, but it’s a good idea to either wear thermal underwear for added insulation or a comfortable pair of shorts. Some people don’t wear anything under snowboard pants except for regular underwear. 

As a certified snowboard instructor, I’ve been snowboarding for most of my life and have worn all types of winter clothing along the way. I’ve experimented with wearing different items under my snowboard pants. 

This post will tell you what most people wear under their snowboard pants. I’ll provide you with some pros and cons of each and also explain why it’s a personal choice every rider needs to make. 

Let’s get started.

What to Wear Under Snowboard Pants: The Options

There are several different options for what to wear under snowboard pants. It’s really just a personal preference as to what you choose to wear. I’ll break down the pros and cons of each option here. 

1. Don’t Wear Anything

Some people don’t wear anything underneath their snowboard pants. I mean, most people will wear regular underwear, but they won’t wear another layer other than that.

If your snow pants are warm and comfortable, there really isn’t a reason to wear other items underneath them. This is especially true for insulated pants that are extra warm. But you also sacrifice additional warmth by not wearing anything underneath. 

2. Long Underwear/Base Layer

Wearing a base layer or long underwear is a common option many riders choose to throw on under their snowboard pants. 

Long underwear is a slim-fitting garment that will cover your lower body and easily fit underneath your pants. This will give you additional warmth if you are riding in really cold conditions where you want extra insulation. 

The downside of wearing long underwear is that they might bunch up or be uncomfortable after wearing it all day long. You want to make sure you get a pair that fits you properly and is made from a comfortable material on your skin. 

3. Athletic Shorts/Tights

Another option is to wear athletic shorts or tights under your snowboard pants. This is the option that I go with most of the time. I typically wear a pair of synthetic gym shorts over my underwear and throw my snow pants on over that. 

I think this provides you with a lot of comfort and gives you the ability to take your snow pants off and have shorts on if you need to. It doesn’t provide a lot of extra insulation, but you still get a small extra layer that won’t get in your way as you ride. 

What Not to Wear Under Snowboard Pants

You don’t want to wear anything made of cotton under your snowboard pants. This means you should avoid sweatpants, jeans, or anything else made of cotton. When cotton gets wet, it’s terrible in the cold, so it should always be avoided when you ride.   


Here are a few short answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about what to wear under snowboard pants.

Do you wear something under snow pants? 

Snow pants are essentially the same as snowboarding pants, so you can really wear anything you want underneath them. You should wear a base layer of long underwear if you want added warmth. If your snow pants are heavily insulated, you might not need to wear anything. 

Should I wear sweatpants under snow pants? 

I don’t recommend wearing sweatpants under snow pants. Most sweatpants are made of cotton, which is not a good fabric in cold weather. If sweatpants get wet, they will lose any insulating properties and make the rest of your body cold in a hurry. 

How many layers should be in snow pants? 

Snowpants are typically available with either one layer or two. One-layer pants are known as a shell, and these give you waterproof protection from the snow and are cooler. Two-layer pants will have an added amount of insulation to keep you warm.  


You can wear anything you want under snowboard pants, but the most common options are long underwear, shorts or tights, or nothing at all. You might need to experiment with all three to figure out your preference. 

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