Can You Snowboard at Snowbird?

You can snowboard at Snowbird. Unlike a few resorts in Utah that allow skiing only, Snowbird allows both skiers and snowboarders on the slopes. It’s a great spot to chase powder in the area and a really fun resort to ride. 

I’m a lifelong snowboarder who loves to get out in the snow as often as possible. I’ve been to Snowbird a handful of times and know first-hand that the resort allows snowboarders. 

This post will highlight Snowbird a bit, and I’ll also tell you why it’s an excellent place to visit if you live in Utah or are planning a trip here. 

Let’s dive in. 

Snowboarding at Snowbird

If you want to go snowboarding at Snowbird, you’re in luck. The resort allows skiers, snowboarders, and even some offshoot downhill sports like snow biking. It’s a great resort to visit in Utah and offers a lot of fun riding. 

The snow conditions at Snowbird can be epic, and there’s a good chance you’ll get to ride fresh powder if you visit during the heart of the winter season. Like many resorts in the west, the drier air makes for fantastic powder. 

Snowbird gets around 500 inches of snow every year, so you can take advantage of the expansive terrain to make the most of your visit here. I’ve had a few unreal powder days at the resort, which were extremely memorable. 

The resort is also fairly close to the Salt Lake City area, so it’s easily accessible if you live in the city or fly into the airport. Salt Lake City is a great hub for snowboarders because there are several world-class resorts within around an hour’s drive. 

There are also plenty of amenities at Snowbird to take advantage of. Whether you want to get a room and stay for a week or are looking for excellent food, the resort has it all. You can also get snowboard rentals and other equipment if you don’t bring your own. 

Snowbird History

Snowbird is one of a handful of resorts located in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Snowbird first opened in 1971 and originally had only three lifts. But it became a popular skiing destination almost immediately and began to grow from there. 

Over the next few decades, Snowbird continually improved the amenities and access to amazing terrain. More lodges and lifts were built, giving snowboarders and skiers easy access to everything the resort offered. 

Improvements to the resort continue into today, and there is always a new restaurant, lodge, or lift whenever I visit Snowboard. It truly is a world-class resort that offers everything you want and need as a snowboarder or skier. 

And even though Snowbird gets hammered with consistent snow, the resort also has a pretty extensive snowmaking operation that ensures solid coverage even if there hasn’t been a recent storm. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to snowboarding at Snowbird. 

Which Utah resorts do not allow snowboarding? 

There are two resorts in Utah that do not allow snowboarding. These are Deer Valley and Alta. While both of these resorts offer excellent terrain and often get dumped with fresh powder, you’ll only be able to take advantage of it if you are a skier. 

Is Snowbird skiing only? 

No, Snowbird allows both skiing and snowboarding. It’s not a skiing-only mountain like Deer Valley and Alta. That makes it a great spot to take advantage of the excellent snow conditions and terrain that Utah is well known for.

What resorts prohibit snowboarding? 

There are only three resorts in the entire U.S that do not allow snowboarding. Deer Valley and Alta in Utah are the larger resorts out west that only allow skiers. Mad River Glen in Vermont is the other one that prohibits snowboarding.

Final Thoughts

Snowbird is an excellent resort for snowboarders. It offers all sorts of terrain that caters to riders of many ability levels. If you want to chase powder in Utah, this resort is one of the best locations to do it. 

And unlike some of the other resorts in the area, Snowbird does allow snowboarding. It’s not a skiing-only mountain like Deer Valley and Alta.  

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