Can You Snowboard with a Skateboard?

It is possible to take a modified skateboard down a snowy slope and effectively use it like a snowboard. But you need to be safe if you’re going to try this, and some resorts won’t let you do so for safety reasons. 

I’ve been snowboarding for decades, and I love everything about the sport. I’ve also been skateboarding for a while and have attempted to use a skateboard in the snow. 

This post will tell you how you can snowboard with a skateboard. I’ll explain what you need to do to make this happen and give you some safety tips to ensure you don’t get hurt while trying it out. 

Get your boards out, and let’s go.

Safety First

Before I get into the details of how to use your skateboard like a snowboard, I want to talk a bit about safety. Snowboarding is an inherently dangerous activity, and you are always at risk any time you get on the snow. 

If you choose to try and modify your skateboard to use it out in the snow, there can be an even  greater risk of getting injured. A skateboard doesn’t have bindings, which means that you can slip and fall easier and also won’t be able to control your board. 

Skateboarding down a mountain covered in snow is not only dangerous for you but also for anyone else who is around you. If you fall, your skateboard will likely slide down the slope without you. This runaway board can hurt other riders. So always be careful!

Many resorts won’t let you get on the chairlifts with a skateboard, even if you have a lift ticket or pass. And even if they do, you’ll need to have some sort of leash to make sure your board doesn’t slide down the hill without you. 

But I’ve also seen some places with full-on skateboard snow parks in the base area. This is an awesome way to learn how to ride your board in the snow without the risk of using it on regular runs at the resort. 

How to Snowboard with a Skateboard

You need to modify a skateboard to make it possible to use in the snow. The first aspect of this is removing the trucks and wheels from the bottom of the board. You want the board to be flat, which isn’t possible unless you are just using a blank deck. 

At the most basic level, that’s all you really need to do to ride a skateboard in the snow. With a flat deck, you should be able to slide down the slopes. You might want to apply some wax to the bottom to increase how fast it can go and reduce friction. 

There are also skateboards that are specifically designed to be used in the snow. I’ve seen some of these made out of plastic instead of wood to increase how well they slide. Some of these also have strap-style bindings to keep your feet in place. 

Once you are in the snow, it can take a while to get used to riding a skateboard in the snow, even if you are an experienced skateboarder or snowboarder. A skateboard doesn’t have edges or bindings, so you won’t be able to turn as easily.


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about using a skateboard as a snowboard. 

Is snowboarding easy if you can skateboard? 

Snowboarding is typically a little easier if you know how to ride a surfboard. There are similar feelings of balance and control in both of these sports. However, just because you can skateboard does not mean you will be a great snowboarder.

Should I snowboard if I skateboard? 

If you want to challenge yourself and have access to a snowboarding mountain, I would recommend trying it out if you skateboard. Many skateboarders love snowboarding and vice versa, so it’s always good to try it out if you haven’t yet. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to take your skateboarding skills to the snow, you can modify your skateboard and hit the slopes. But make sure you stay safe at all times and check to see if the resort you are visiting even allows this before attempting.  

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I'm a certified snowboard instructor. My first experience with snowboarding occurred at an indoor resort. One run had me hooked, and it has turned into a lifelong passion ever since then. I'm here to share with you some of the tips and advice I have learned along the way.

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