Chamonix Snowboard Review

This is my review of the Chamonix Snowboards brand and their Lognan model in particular.

I have worked as a snowboarding instructor for the last ten years. I’ve seen many of my students use Chamonix boards, and I’ve spoken to several of them to discuss how they perform on the mountain. 

Chamonix snowboards are a generic brand that is a good option for beginners or any snowboarder on a severe budget. They won’t give you high-end performance by any means, but they are very affordable.

This post will give you an overview of the Chamonix brand and a detailed review of the Lognan model. It isn’t a very well-known brand, but they have some functional options that will appeal to your bank account. 

Let’s jump in. 

Chamonix Snowboards Overview

Chamonix is an outdoor gear brand that offers a range of sporting equipment for men and women. They have quite a few different snowboards that cover a range of styles and have good clothing for snowboarding as well.

The brand was founded in 2017, and one of its central concepts was to make snowboarding more accessible. This means that the company’s primary intention was to create cheap snowboards to get more people on the mountain. 

Chamonix is one of the most affordable snowboard brands in the game, and if you are looking to get your first setup, it’s an excellent option to explore. Every one of their boards falls into the budget category, and it’s very easy to appreciate a low price tag. 

The tradeoff for budget equipment generally shows up in lower quality and performance. I wouldn’t say that Chamonix boards are of poor quality, but they do lack high-end performance.

That factor alone keeps me from recommending the brand to experienced riders who have specific needs and preferences out of their snowboards. However, if you are just learning how to ride, a Chamonix board could be the perfect match.

Chamonix makes snowboards for men, women, and kids. They have options for nearly every style of riding, and the number of models they offer separates this company from other brands that offer budget boards. 

The Lognan is one of the most popular models and offers all-mountain performance. We’ll take a closer look at that model below. The Chemin is a fun powder snowboard that features a swallowtail for a little extra float in the deep stuff. 

If freestyle riding is your priority, check out the Kraken. This model has a true twin shape that turns it into a switch riding and jibbing machine. It’s a fun board that has plenty of rocker for a playful experience in the terrain park. 

Part of the reason that Chamonix can offer low prices is that they use cheaper materials to construct their snowboards. This often results in a lack of high-performance characteristics that you’d find in a top brand like Burton.

Without trying to sound like a snob, I wouldn’t use a Chamonix board personally. I need something that has more to offer and can live up to the demands of advanced-level riding. But if you are new to the sport and on a budget, these boards are well worth exploring.

Chamonix Lognan Detailed Review

The Chamonix Lognan (available to buy on and is one of the most popular models in the brand’s lineup. It’s an all-mountain board that gives you quite a bit of versatility to allow you to explore. It also comes in at a very affordable price, which makes it attractive to just about everyone. 


The Lognan is an effective all-mountain snowboard that will give you decent performance in a range of conditions. It is built to handle a little bit of everything, and while it doesn’t stand out in any particular category, it is an efficient beginner-level all-mountain board. 

For general resort riding, this board will prove itself to be a worthy companion. It has a medium flex which is the ideal spot for an all-mountain board. This gives you enough stiffness for slightly challenging terrain while still being forgiving enough to take into the park. 

At higher speeds, the board can start to chatter a little bit. You still get decent edge control and turning response when you turn up the throttle; you’ll just notice a bit of a squirrely ride. This can be difficult for beginners and might cause some overcompensation. 

The Lognan functions well as a freestyle board thanks to a twin shape that allows for easy switch riding. You can take this model into the terrain park and have fun with any of the features. It’s a little stiff for jibbing but can still handle it. 

The board isn’t a super-surfy powder machine but can still float when the snow gets deep. It’s a little heavier than I like, but that’s a tradeoff you get with cheaper (and heavier) woods used in its construction. 

This is a good board to use to help you transition from a beginner to an intermediate rider. It’s functional all over the mountain to allow you to try out new terrains and push your limits. You’ll just probably want a different option when you become more skilled.  


Being a budget snowboard, the Lognan doesn’t offer a ton of innovative or advanced construction features. It has a simple but effective design that doesn’t include a lot of bells and whistles. The result is a basic all-mountain board with average performance. 

A twin shape gives you versatility across the mountain and provides the board with its all-mountain characteristics. This shape also helps with freestyle riding and gives you decent performance in the park on rails, airs, and the halfpipe.

A Poplar wood core sets the foundation for the construction of the Lognan. This is a sturdy and strong type of wood. It’s cheap and not as lightweight as other brands that usually blend poplar and some other lightweight option. 

The board has a camber profile that gives it plenty of pop and response. It turns quickly and effectively but loses some of its hold at higher speeds. The camber underfoot gives you a good amount of control while you still get rocker in the tip and tail floats when needed. 

The overall construction of the board gives you an easy-to-ride feel that a beginner can appreciate. It’s a simple design that is effective. It just lacks the innovation that many modern boards use in their builds. 

Additional Features

Another downside to the budget nature of Chamonix boards is that you don’t get many additional features with their boards. The Lognan is a “what you see is what you get” type of snowboard, but there are a few things worth mentioning. 

It has a matte-finished top sheet that is scratch-resistant. This adds durability to the board and prevents the graphics from getting messed up when you ride. It doesn’t affect performance, but it’s a value-enhancing feature. 

It also has an extruded base, whereas most higher-end boards will come with a sintered base. Extruded bases are easier for manufacturers to make, and they require less maintenance for the rider. This helps keep the cost of the board down and is another beginner-friendly benefit.

The Lognan also has a stable sidewall construction that is of better quality than other budget brands that I’ve seen. This isn’t really an additional feature, but it’s a nice quality to have and something that will keep your board riding effectively for longer.  


The most attractive aspect of the Lognan, and any other Chamonix snowboard, is its low price. It makes for an excellent value for how affordable this board is and the all-around performance it has to offer. 

While you won’t get high-end performance out the board, it does offer plenty for the average beginner rider who wants all-mountain performance and the ability to explore. Capable all-around and ready for action, the Lognan performs when you need it to. 

If you are on any sort of budget but still need a decent board, the Lognan is a recommended choice. It’s a solid value with a price that is very hard to beat. As long as you don’t have extreme preferences, this board can get the job done. 

If you are an experienced rider, I wouldn’t recommend using this board. Even if you are on a budget, I’d look for used boards built with advanced-level abilities in mind. 

The Alternatives

Chamonix has many snowboards in its lineup to match your preferred riding style or any other needs you have as a rider. Here are some alternatives to explore if you want something different than the Lognan. 

1. Chamonix Cobra LTD

The Cobra LTD is the best board for more advanced riders in the Chamonix lineup. It has a stiffer flex that lets you dive into more aggressive lines. It can function pretty well as a budget freeride snowboard

The Cobra LTD has a poplar wood core with carbon stringers that help it stay strong while also being very lightweight. Zero camber also makes it very floaty in deep snow. 

2. Chamonix Wagon

This is a solid freestyle option that will provide you with decent performance in the terrain park. It has a true twin shape for effective switch riding that lets you approach any feature without missing a beat. Plenty of rocker makes the board good for jibbing as well. 

3. Chamonix Route

The Route is another top model in the Chamonix lineup that makes an effective all-mountain board with a freeride focus. It has a medium-stiff flex that allows you to dive into more technical terrain and a camber profile that gives you extra power and pop.

My Verdict

Chamonix snowboards are a good brand for any beginner-level snowboarder on a budget. The Lognan is a recommended all-mountain option that will give you decent performance in a variety of conditions. 

Chamonix cuts some corners in terms of construction and performance to keep costs low. That makes them a less than ideal board for experienced riders. But if you need an affordable new board, these are a good way to go.

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