Is Capita a Good Snowboard Brand?

Capita is a top snowboard brand, and it has a good reputation with many different riders. The company’s boards are very durable and fun to ride, thanks to high-quality materials and solid craftsmanship. 

I’m an avid snowboarder who loves everything about the sport. I’ve been around for long enough to try many different models and brands of snowboards, and I have first-hand experience with Capita. 

This post will take a look at the snowboard brand Capita. I’ll explain why I think it’s a good brand and provide you with some other helpful information if you’re interested. 

Let’s jump in. 

What Makes Capita a Good Snowboard Brand? 

I’ve had the chance to ride on several different Capita boards over the years, and I’ve had a good experience with all of them. For me, a good snowboarding brand starts with offering good snowboards, and Capita does that for sure. 

I like the fact that Capita still handcrafts most of their boards. Even though they are a somewhat larger company, the brand still focuses on details when it comes to manufacturing its boards. 

Handmade boards always seem to hold up better than cheap, mass-produced options. So Capita boards are durable and reliable, no matter how hard you like to ride or what conditions you are in most often. 

Capita also uses excellent materials in all of its boards. This is an integral aspect that makes them so durable, but it also helps make them a solid value as well. A Capita board will hold up well for many seasons of steady use

The brand also claims to use 100% clean energy at its manufacturing facility in Austria. I think every snowboarding company should be environmentally focused, and that seems to be the case here with clean energy practices in place. 

Should You Get a Capita Board? 

I think Capita boards can work well for a variety of different riders, and their exceptional quality makes them a good value. If you want a board you can count on to hold up under various conditions, this is a good option to go with. 

But Capita boards are probably a bit more focused on intermediate and advanced riders than they are on beginners. If you are just getting started with snowboarding, better beginner models are out there to choose from. 

Even so, Capita is a top brand for a reason – they make excellent snowboards that are fun to ride. The models they offer also always have really cool graphics, so if that’s something you’re into, it’s another reason to buy their boards. 

If you are on the fence about buying a Capita board, see if you can rent one and try it out on the mountain for a few days. That will help you know how it performs and if it meets your preferences.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to Capita snowboarders. 

What are CAPiTA snowboards worth? 

Capita snowboards hold their value pretty well, but what your used board from the brand is worth depends on its condition and how old of a model you have. But you can probably sell it for a couple of hundred dollars under retail value if it’s in good shape. 

Who is CAPiTA snowboards owned by? 

The founder and owner of Capita is Blue Montgomery. Montgomery started the brand on a small scale and grew it into the well-known snowboard company that it is today. The company has a good reputation, which is why it’s so successful. 

Can a beginner ride a CAPiTA mercury? 

The Capita Mercury board is not a great option for beginners. It’s a more intermediate or advanced board that has aggressive performance traits. Beginners might not be able to handle the board and should look for a different option. 

Where are Capita Snowboards made? 

Capita snowboards are handmade in Austria. The company was founded in Washington state in the US, but now much of the production occurs in Europe. The brand still delivers excellent quality snowboards for a variety of different riders and styles.


Capita is an all-around solid snowboard brand that makes high-quality boards using high-end materials. They might not have the best options for beginners but are good for just about everyone else.  

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