Is K2 a Good Snowboard Brand?

K2 started as a skiing brand, so it is not entirely focused on snowboarding. The brand does have some decent boards available, but I don’t think that it’s one of the top names in the world of snowboarding. 

I’m an avid snowboarder who loves everything about the sport. I’ve been riding for decades and have tried out many different models and brands of snowboards over the years. I have first-hand experience with K2 boards. 

In this post, I’ll take a look at K2 snowboards. I’ll give you some thoughts on the brand and the snowboards they make. I’ll also tell you why or why not you might want to consider getting one of these. 

Let’s get started. 

K2 Snowboards

K2 has been around for a long time. The brand started in the 1960s as a ski brand and still makes some of the top skis in the industry to this day. They started making snowboards in 1988, making them a long-standing name in the game.

The first boards that the company put out were pretty popular. The K2 Gyrator still has popularity in some riding circles and is one of the first models that the brand created. They also made some weird and wacky models to push the limits and innovate in the sport. 

Today, K2 has a wide range of snowboards, and they also sell all sorts of boots, bindings, and other snowboarding-related equipment. They are a respected brand name, and I’ve never had a bad experience on one of their boards. 

That said, K2 has never been my top choice for a snowboard. There are other brands out there that make better models, in my opinion. But every rider has a different idea, and I know some people who really like K2 boards. 

K2 boards are often good choices for people who like to go fast. This pays tribute to the brand’s skiing roots, and many of its models are stiff, powerful, and ready to take on just about anything you want to do on the mountain. 

K2 is a more prominent brand in general, so it has a good marketing reach and is able to create products for all types of riders. They have boards for men, women, and children and a variety of other products. 

Should You Get a K2 Board? 

If you have the chance to rent a K2 board and try it out, I think that’s a better option than buying one right away. This will allow you to get on the board and see how it performs before you make a purchase. 

It’s challenging to make a recommendation on what board you should get because every rider has different needs and preferences. Just because one person really likes a model does not mean it will work for everyone. 

If you are a skier who also snowboards and have tried K2 skis, then you will probably like K2 boards. The brand uses similar technology and materials in the designs of both.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most common questions about K2 snowboards.

Is K2 better than Burton? 

K2 is not exclusively a snowboard brand, so it doesn’t have nearly as many boards to offer as Burton. Burton is one of the top snowboard brands in the world, and they have a reputation for making great boards for a variety of different riding styles. 

What is the best brand for snowboard? 

This depends on what features you are looking for and what style of riding you like to do. There are many great snowboarding brands out there, and they each have a little bit of something to offer. It’s nearly impossible to say that there is a best brand out there. 

Are K2 boards any good? 

K2 snowboards are actually pretty good, even though the brand is known more for being a ski company. I’ve ridden on a few of their models and was not disappointed with any of them. However, they don’t have an extensive collection of models.


K2 is a long-standing brand that started out creating skis and then started making snowboards. They have a good reputation and some pretty decent models, but I think there are better options for serious snowboarders.

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