How Much Do Snowboard Instructors Make?

Snowboard instructors generally make around $20 to $40 an hour, but this depends on the instructor’s experience and the location where they teach. Some make a lot more, but remember that it’s a seasonal job. 

I’ve been around snowboarding for most of my life, and I love everything about the sport. I have a few good friends who are instructors, and I’m also a certified instructor myself. 

This post will explain how much snowboard instructors make. I’ll give you a range of average salaries and provide you with some information that can impact how much pay an instructor receives. 

Let’s get to it. 

Snowboard Instructor Salary 

Most snowboard instructors get paid by the hour, and the average range is from $20 to $40 an hour. Some instructors can make quite a bit more than this, but several factors come into play with pay in mind. I’ll explain more about that later on. 

At the low end of the salary scale are new snowboard instructors without much experience. If it’s your first year as an instructor, you can probably only expect to get paid about $20 to $25 an hour. 

As you get more experience, your pay will typically go up. So instructors who have been teaching for a while will earn closer to the $40 an hour range. You can also get more certifications to earn more pay.

Different resorts will pay their snowboard instructors different amounts. That’s another reason why there is a wide range of potential pay here. Some of the top resorts in the world might pay better, while small-scale resorts won’t pay much. 

Tips are common for snowboard instructors, so that can increase the pay a bit. But not everyone will tip an instructor, so that’s why an hourly wage is necessary. 

While $40 an hour or more might seem like pretty decent pay, keep in mind that a snowboard instructor is a seasonal job. You can’t teach lessons all year long unless you travel to different parts of the world at different times of the year. 

This is possible, but it’s not common. Most snowboard instructors get different seasonal jobs during the summer months. You don’t really make enough money during the winter to take the summer months off. 

Should You Become a Snowboard Instructor? 

First, you shouldn’t become a snowboard instructor for the money. You should do it because you love the sport and want to help share that feeling with others. 

You won’t get rich as a snowboarding instructor, but you will get paid to snowboard. That is pretty sweet, and trust me, I’ve had some fantastic days as an instructor. 

You will get some perks like a season pass and the ability to ride as much as you want in your free time. But you’ll also need to find another job in the summer when you can’t teach lessons. 

Being a snowboard instructor is great, but it’s not for everyone. 


Here are a few quick answers to some questions relating to how much snowboard instructors make. 

Can you make a living as a snowboard instructor? 

You can make a living as a snowboard instructor, but you aren’t going to become rich. Keep in mind that this is a temporary job that only occurs in the winter months, so you’ll most likely need another job in the summertime. 

How much do you tip a snowboard instructor? 

There are no exact guidelines on what to tip a snowboarding instructor, but 20% to 30% of the cost of the lesson is typical. Snowboard instructors don’t make that much money, so a good tip is always appreciated especially if you enjoyed the lesson and learned a lot. 

Is it cheaper to ski or snowboard? 

Snowboarding can be a little bit cheaper than skiing, but they both have similar costs. Snowboarding gear usually isn’t as expensive as ski gear, mainly when it comes to boots. But the costs of everything else are pretty much the same. 


Snowboard instructors average between $20 and $40 an hour. Some experienced instructors can earn a lot more, but most do not make a complete career out of this and need to get other jobs when there is no snow in the summer months. 

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