Can You Wear a Ski Suit Snowboarding?

Yes, you can wear a ski suit snowboarding. There really isn’t much difference between skiing and snowboarding clothing other than how it is marketed. But you might not want to wear a ski suit if it restricts your movement or doesn’t fit over your bindings. 

My name is Lorraine, I’m a lifelong snowboarder, and I’ve been riding for most of my life. I’ve worn many different types of winter clothing when snowboarding, and I’ve worn a ski suit on several occasions, so I know that it’s possible. 

This post will tell you why you can wear a ski suit when snowboarding. I’ll give you some benefits and downsides to doing this and also touch on the differences between ski and snowboard clothing in general. 

Let’s get out there.

Wearing a Ski Suit for Snowboarding

It’s totally possible to wear a ski suit for snowboarding. There isn’t any difference between a ski suit and a snowboarding suit other than what it’s called and how it’s branded. This goes for ski and snowboard jackets and pants as well. 

Companies market their winter clothing to different demographics. This means your favorite snowboarding company makes snowboard jackets and suits, and a popular ski company makes ski jackets and suits. 

But these products are all interchangeable when it comes to performance. You don’t need specific snowboarding gear for snowboarding, and just about anything made for skiers will work for snowboarders. 

Ski suits have been around a bit longer than snowboarding suits, and that’s part of the reason that many people call any one-piece snow garment a ski suit. But as a snowboarder, you can wear one of these without running into any issues. 

Benefits of Wearing a Ski Suit

A ski suit has a few benefits over wearing a jacket and pants. 

They can offer more warmth because you don’t have any separation between your pants and jackets. This will limit the chance of wind or snow getting in if you fall. 

Ski suits can also be really comfortable, and that’s a preference for some people. This is similar to wearing bibs because a loose-fitting ski suit gives you a full range of motion while still keeping you warm and dry. 

Downsides of Wearing a Ski Suit

On the other hand, ski suits also come with some downsides. 

They are usually more expensive than getting a jacket or pants separately, although you might save some money when comparing the two. 

Ski suits can also have somewhat of a tight fit if you don’t get the right size or buy slim-fitting ones. This can restrict your movement when riding, which is never ideal. And a tight-fitting suit also might not cover your snowboard bindings, which can allow snow to get into them.   


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to if you can wear a ski suit snowboarding. 

Are ski suits and snowboard suits the same? 

Ski suits and snowboard suits are essentially the same. They might be marketed for different snowsports, but they serve the same purpose and will both keep you warm and dry when you are out in winter conditions. 

What should you not wear snowboarding? 

Wearing cotton is always a bad idea when you go snowboarding. This includes cotton thermals, socks, or jeans. Cotton does not have any insulating properties, and it can cause you to get really cold when it gets wet. 

Can you use bibs for snowboarding? 

Yes, you can wear bibs for snowboarding. Bibs can be very comfortable and offer excellent warmth and comfort. It’s more of a preference than anything else, whether you want to wear bibs or snow pants. 

Is there a difference between snowboard and ski jackets? 

There really isn’t any difference between snowboard and ski jackets. They might be branded differently or made by a ski or snowboard company, but they are both designed to give you insulation from the cold and keep you dry when it’s snowing. 


You can wear a ski suit for snowboarding if you want to. There is not anything that makes the suit exclusive to skiers. But you always want to get a suit that fits correctly, so you have a full range of motion and proper protection from the elements.   

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