5 Best Snowboarding Mountains

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There are many different places to snowboard across the world, and the number of optimal boarding areas goes up each and every year.

The sport continues to rise in popularity, which causes boarders to seek out new and exciting places to ride.

Every seasoned snowboarder will tell you that any day on the mountain is a good day. However, there are a few well-known mountains that are world-renowned for their excellent terrain and consistent snow quality.

My name is Lorraine, and I’m a certified snowboard instructor. Here, we will look at some of the best snowboarding mountains around the world to help you find your next adventure.

1. Rocky Mountains, Breckenridge, USA

Breckenridge (often just called ‘Breck’ by locals) is my personal favorite resort. However, it also has a reputation as one of the best snowboarding mountains in the world.

The peak has almost 3,000 skiable acres with access provided by 34 different lifts.

The resort gets its fame because it sits in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, an area known for having some of the best and most consistent snow in North America.

Breck also has 4 different snowboarding terrain parks. That wide range allows snowboarders of all ages to perfect their skills. There is even an 18-foot halfpipe, which serves as one of the resort’s main attractions.

The mountain has endless amounts of varying terrain features and the town is a great place to visit at any time during the snow season. There are plenty of lodging and dining options as well.

2. Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, USA

Jackson Hole is another fantastic snowboarding mountain. This resort features both technical and steep terrain. While that makes it better suited for advanced riders, it still has plenty to offer for new snowboarders as well.

Set next to the Grand Teton mountain range in northwestern Wyoming, this resort is stunning and intimidating at the same time. It has 2,500 acres of rideable terrain over the two mountains that make up its inbound areas.

A cool stat about Jackson Hole is that it boasts the longest vertical run of any resort in North America at 4,139 feet. That’s almost a mile long!

The mountain also has a large amount of backcountry access. That adds to its expert reputation and makes the region appealing to serious riders who are always on the search for fresh snow.

Two terrain parks can also be found here, and the town has plenty to offer for visitors.

3. Canadian Rockies, Banff, Canada

Claiming to have some of the best snow in Canada, Banff Sunshine sits on another great snowboarding mountain. This peak isn’t just stunning to look at, it also serves as one of the best places to ride anywhere in the world.

The Canadian Rockies are legendary for their heli-skiing and snowboarding, and the resort offers a glimpse into the wild and rugged terrain that’s home to some of the best snow you can find.

The resort sits just 15 minutes outside of the town of Banff, which is a well-known winter destination.

Banff Sunshine is made up of three different mountains that offer many different types of terrain for snowboarders of all types and abilities.

These resorts average over 9 meters of snow on any given year, which means there’s a good chance you’ll be able to enjoy a powder day if you visit.

There are 3,300 acres of ridable terrain and a 12-acre terrain park to keep you busy and smiling all season long.

4. La Grande Motte, Tignes, France

One of the best snowboarding mountains in Europe, and anywhere, in fact, is Tignes. This beautiful mountain is a favorite destination for snowboarders all across the world.

Tignes is located near La Grande Motte in France, one of the continent’s largest glaciers. That means that you can snowboard here almost year-round.

The best riding is obviously in the winter season, but the glacier is rideable during every season.

Tignes is a large mountain that would take you days to cover all the different terrain the area has to offer.

From steep and deep expert runs to groomers that the entire family can enjoy, this resort has something for everyone. The mountain claims to have over 90 miles of rideable terrain that you can access by the main tram or by one of the 24 chairlifts and 19 surface lifts.

The peak is home to the Euro X-games as well.

5. Myoko Kogen, Japan

Another one of the best snowboarding mountains in the world is Myoko Kogen, Japan. I have personally never been on the snow in Japan, but it is on my list due to the legendary stories I’ve heard from friends about endless powder and unmatched snowboarding.

This is one of the oldest resorts in Japan, and it has some of the best terrain and snow the country has to offer.

The region where Myoko Kogen sits often sees upwards of 14 meters of snow in a given year, meaning that the stories of unreal powder are true. You just need to travel there yourself to find out how deep it actually gets.

The mountain is home to the longest runs in all of Japan and offers plenty of guided backcountry trips if you want to get away from the resort and crowds and experience untouched Japanese snow.

Myoko Kogen is easy to access via train from Tokyo and is better suited to riders who want great conditions and epic terrain over nightlife and accommodations.

There are villages near the mountain but you won’t find extravagant entertainment or other resort town perks here, it’s all about the snow.

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Final Thoughts

It would take you many years and plenty of money to ride at all of the amazing snowboarding destinations scattered across the globe.

While I fully encourage you to get out there and ride at as many places as possible, the options listed here are a good starting point if you want to visit some of the best snowboarding mountains in the world.

You don’t have to be at a world-class location to enjoy your time in the snow, but all of these locations offer a truly unforgettable experience that’s well worth exploring.

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