Is GNU a Good Snowboard Brand?

GNU is one of the top snowboard brands in the industry. The brand has been around since 1977, making it one of the older snowboarding companies. It has a reputation for producing high-quality snowboards that perform really well. 

I’m a lifelong snowboarder, and I love everything about the sport. I’ve tried out many different types of snowboards over the years, and I have first-hand experience with several GNU boards. 

This post will take a look at GNU. I’ll tell you why I think it’s a good snowboard brand and what you can expect if you choose to use one of their models. 

Let’s dive in. 

What Makes GNU a Good Snowboard Brand? 

GNU has a solid reputation for being one of the top snowboarding brands around. They deliver quality snowboards that are a lot of fun to ride, and all the boards the brand puts out are durable and of good value. 

Part of the reason why GNU is a good snowboard brand is that they have been around for so long. The brand was founded in 1977, making it one of the first brands to appear that is still around today. 

GNU also hand makes all of their boards, which adds to the quality of the boards. With so much attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship, GNU boards are super strong, durable, and tough. 

You can also expect outstanding customer service from GNU. Whether you want to call up a sales rep and just talk about the difference in the models they have to offer or need to deal with an issue regarding equipment, they will take care of you. 

And GNU snowboards also just ride really well. You can expect top-notch performance out of these boards. Whether you are looking for a freeride monster or a park board that can take a beating, they have all sorts of options. 

Should You Get a GNU Snowboard? 

GNU snowboards can work for a variety of different riders, and I fully recommend the brand. If you like handmade boards with a long-standing reputation, then GNU is an excellent option to explore. 

I also like GNU boards for freeride and powder riding and think their models for this style are excellent. So if you like to carve up technical terrain or want to go chase deep powder, GNU has some awesome options. 

GNU boards might not be the best option for beginners. While they do have some beginner models, I think a few other brands are better for complete newbies. 

You can still get a GNU if you are a beginner. You just might need to really focus on the basics as the board can be a lot to handle at first. But every rider is different when it comes to learning.    


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to GNU snowboards. 

Is GNU owned by Libtech? 

Libtech does not own GNU, but both of these brands are owned by the same parent company named Mervin Manufacturing. Mervin is the parent company of GNU, Libtech, Roxy, and Bent Metal bindings. 

Where are GNU snowboards made? 

All GNU snowboards are made in the USA. The brand has been handmaking high-quality snowboards for over four decades and has always made them in the USA. They also have a zero hazardous waste policy. 

Do GNU Snowboards come waxed? 

Yes, GNU snowboards do come waxed. The board will be ready to ride right off the shelf at the shop or factory. You will need to mount bindings on it, but you won’t need to worry about putting on any wax before you hit the mountain. 

How do you pronounce GNU snowboard? 

Most people pronounce GNU as “ga-new.” But I’ve also heard some people refer to it as “G.N.U.” or pronounce it like “new.” I’m pretty sure that the official way to say it is “ga-new,” but no one will correct you if you say it the other ways. 


GNU is a good snowboard brand with an excellent reputation. They have been hand-making snowboards in the USA since 1977 and are a top brand for riders of many different ability levels and styles. Their boards are durable and a lot of fun to ride.

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