Is Roxy a Good Snowboard Brand?

Roxy is one of the top snowboard brands for women. It’s one of the only brands made exclusively for female riders, so the boards are always popular with ladies on the slopes. But Roxy also delivers in terms of quality boards and awesome apparel. 

I’ve been riding for nearly my entire life, and I love everything about snowboarding. I have experience with many different boards and brands and have used several Roxy boards over the years. 

This post will spotlight the brand Roxy. I’ll show you why I think Roxy is a good brand and provide you with some information about the company. I’ll also tell you why or why not you might want to get one of their boards. 

Let’s get after it.

Why Roxy is a Good Snowboard Brand

In the early days of snowboarding, it was sort of a male-dominated sport. But luckily, that didn’t last long as female riders started ripping through the snow. But the ladies didn’t always have boards built just for them. 

This changed when Roxy came on the scene. It was one of the first brands that was focused specifically on female snowboarders. That immediately made the brand pretty popular, and that’s how it has been ever since. 

Roxy snowboards are great options for ladies who want a brand that caters to them. While there technically isn’t much of a difference between what makes a men’s or women’s board, just the fact that a brand is dedicated to women is important. 

All of Roxy’s boards are high-quality and built to handle whatever you can throw at them. The boards are fun to ride and effective in a range of different terrains and conditions, allowing lady riders to really rip. 

Roxy also makes many different models, so there should be an option for just about everyone. Whether you are just learning how to ride or have been at it for years, Roxy has something for you. 

Roxy also makes pretty sweet clothing and apparel. If you want to rock the brand, it’s easy to find the right gear to suit your style. They have coats, pants, clothing, and just about anything else you can imagine. 

Should You Get a Roxy Snowboard? 

If you are a female rider looking for a board built specifically for women, Roxy is a great option. They are one of the only brands that offer women’s only snowboards. And they have a wide selection to choose from as well. 

Roxy can be a good option for female riders of all ability levels. Just make sure to get a model that matches your ability level or riding style. But there are numerous sizes to choose from in all of the models the brand offers. 

Roxy boards are also durable and high-quality, making them a good value. If you want a board that will hold up well as you bomb down the mountain year after year, this is a good option. 

But if you are a guy, you probably aren’t going to want a Roxy board. I mean, it’s possible to ride one, but I’ve never seen a dude on a Roxy board before.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to Roxy snowboards. 

Is Roxy good for snowboard? 

Roxy is good when it comes to the snowboards they offer. While some people think that Roxy is just an apparel brand or gimmick, the brand makes excellent boards for female riders. They are a top women’s specific brand for sure. 

Who makes Roxy snowboards? 

Mervin Manufacturing makes Roxy snowboards. This is the same company that makes GNU and Lib Tech boards. You can expect quality out of every Roxy board, and a lot of that has to do with reliable manufacturing. 

Are Roxy snowboards good for beginners? 

Yes, Roxy snowboards can be good for beginners. The brand makes a number of different models. As a beginner, you should look for a board with a softer flex. That will be easier to handle and allow you to learn the basics. 


Roxy is one of the top women’s snowboard brands in the game. They make a variety of excellent snowboards that female riders all over the world love. The brand also has awesome clothing and apparel.

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