Is Evol a Good Snowboard Brand?

Evol is a mediocre snowboard brand. This doesn’t mean they are a bad option to go with, but it does imply that most experienced riders don’t usually use their boards. Evol seems to have better skateboards than snowboards. 

I’m an avid snowboarder, and I get on the slopes as often as possible. I have used many different boards over the years, and I know what to look for in a good brand. 

This post will explore Evol as a brand. I’ll give you a bit of history on the company and tell you why I don’t think they are a top snowboard brand. 

Let’s dive in.

Why Evol is Not a Top Snowboard Brand

Evol is not what I consider a top snowboard brand. That doesn’t mean you need to avoid the products they offer. It just means that I haven’t had any notable experiences with these boards. I spoke to a few other riders who feel the same way. 

Evol snowboards fall into the middle-of-the-pack category. They don’t really deliver the high-end performance and value that top riders demand, but they aren’t a terrible brand to go with by any means. 

I think Evol has a better reputation as a skateboard brand than as a snowboard brand. The company makes both of these today, but their snowboards don’t seem nearly as good as their skateboards. 

But they do have some pretty affordable boards. So if you are on a budget and a fan of their skateboards, this could be an option to explore. I just wouldn’t expect to get the same performance in the snow as one of the top brands. 

Evol also isn’t that common of a board to see out on the mountain. That’s always a good sign of how good the brand is. The top boards will be on the feet of the top riders, and if you take a look around the next time you go ride, you won’t see that many Evol boards. 

Evol Brand History

Evol was founded in the 1990s and dove into the skateboard and snowboard industries at the same time. The skateboards that the brand made were pretty popular from the start, which brought some success to their snowboards at the same time. 

But as time went on, the skateboard end of the brand seemed to gain more popularity than its snowboards. Still, the brand began to make other snow-focused equipment like bindings and apparel. 

Today, the company still makes skateboards and snowboards. All of the equipment they offer is pretty affordable, and it will give you decent performance. But their boards are not as high-end as many other well-known brands.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to Evol snowboards. 

Are Evol snowboard boots good? 

Just like their snowboards, Evol boots are pretty middle-of-the-pack. They don’t really stand out in any way, but that doesn’t mean they are terrible. These boats might work out just fine if you are a beginner or intermediate rider. 

Do snowboard brands matter? 

Snowboard brands matter, especially if you know your needs and preferences as a rider. There is a big difference between the top snowboard brands and the worst, and you want to know which is which to get the best equipment possible. 

What is a good quality snowboard? 

There are many different good quality snowboards out there, and many brands and models can work for you. Some of the top names include Burton, ThirtyTwo, Salomon, Capita, and Ride but other lesser-known brands also make good boards. 


Evol is not one of the best snowboard brands out there. They have some options that can work for beginner and intermediate riders, but I don’t recommend the brand to serious snowboarders who have a lot of experience.

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I'm a certified snowboard instructor. My first experience with snowboarding occurred at an indoor resort. One run had me hooked, and it has turned into a lifelong passion ever since then. I'm here to share with you some of the tips and advice I have learned along the way.

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  • Hunter

    Do you have any experience with Evol’s bindings? I just bought some $200 ones on sale.

    • Lorraine

      Hi Hunter,

      I don’t have first-hand experience with Evol bindings. I’ve heard mixed reviews from some friends but I would be curious to hear how they perform for you. Let me know once you ride with them for a while.

      • Drew

        You can get low end unions for around $160 usd that id trust over most bindings on the market

        • Lorraine

          Good to know, thanks Drew!